How Often Have You Thought, “That Doesn’t Make Sense”?

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How Often Have You Thought, “That Doesn’t Make Sense”?

How Often Have You Thought, “That Doesn’t Make Sense”?

As you think about that, imagine what Galileo said when he dropped a hammer and a peach from the Leaning Tower of Pisa and they both landed at the same time.

(I know. It wasn’t a peach.)

Well, it doesn’t make sense, either, that people who believe they can attract unreasonable amounts of money do just that.

I just dropped a paper clip and a book to test the law of gravity. It’s not quite so easy to test the law of attraction because beliefs are hard to see.

And yet, a physicist might say I saw the book and paper clip land because I believed that was what I was looking at. Let’s not go there, yet.

If you consider what you believe, little by little, you begin to see that you have indeed attracted into your life what you believe to be true.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could suddenly, this year, attract great wealth? All you have to do is change your belief.

Ah, that’s the rub. Easier said than done.

Here’s where Bob Doyle comes in. I quote from the introduction of his book and online course, “Wealth Beyond Reason.”

“This book exists for one purpose: To explain to you as effectively as possible, exactly what you can do to have everything in your life that you can possibly imagine. And since that is such a tall order, I need to be able to explain how to do that in a way that does not seem “hocus-pocus” or require you to adopt some kind of “new-age” belief system, because I would lose a great many of those I am trying to reach if I went that route.

“I call these principles a “hidden secret” because although the world’s wealthiest individuals have gained their wealth through the utilization of these principles, they have not always been consciously aware that they were doing so. In this book we reveal what all wealthy people have in common, and how you can easily model their process for attracting wealth of any level.

“I will share with you that being a “teacher” of these principles can be tricky business.

“On one hand, I have the privilege of sharing what I believe to be the most exciting principles available for our use as human beings, because they truly give us access to anything we want. We are all “wizards in waiting”, and we only need be awakened to our ability before we can literally wave our magic wands and experience anything we desire.

“The other side of the coin however, is that the information I am going to share with you can be quite confronting. Because when it comes down to it, your current situation – whatever that may be – is a direct result of what you are feeling, thinking, and believing . Unless you can take full responsibility for where you are now, you will never fully have control over where you are going.

“This book is called “Wealth Beyond Reason” because it is truly unreasonable just how much wealth you can create using the Law of Attraction. At first, it may seem that what we talk about “defies logic”, but in fact, it demonstrates perfect, scientific fact.

“If you have ever seen someone with seemingly unlimited monetary resources and ever thought “they have so much money it is ridiculous”, that is precisely the kind of wealth we are talking about helping you develop starting immediately. And it is so simple, if you let it be .

“I also call this “Wealth Beyond Reason” because it is going to be your ability to “suspend reason” that allows you to have success with these principles. Many of us come from very analytic backgrounds and we have a hard time just blindly accepting new concepts, particularly if they seem to fly in the face of everything we have ever learned. Many of you will be confronted with these kinds of thoughts – and that is okay. It is people like you for whom this book was specifically written. And it is all built around this one crucial principle:

“The Universal Law of Attraction – Energy Attracts Like Energy

…Have you noticed a theme here? There’s a whole lot more to life than one belief system can hold.

I know for a fact that Bob Doyle is an honorable man.

Here’s to suspending your disbelief!!!

Here’s to your wealth!!!

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