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Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

The creative arts enhance our lives in countless ways. They make us think. They inspire us. They make us feel a part of something that goes beyond the same old work-a-day world. But too many people think they aren’t the creative types – and she believes they are wrong.

Everyone is creative. The worst thing is the fear of creating: the anxiety about the empty page. We all have that beginner’s mind every time we have to face the start of another project.

Most people just need to overcome the mental blocks and unleash the full potential of their minds.

One of the best ways to bring out your creativity is to do semi-mindless tasks. They allow your mind to wander, and can result in creative ideas and thinking. May is Creative Beginnings Month, and in honor of the month, here’s several ways to start getting the creative juices flowing:

Drive or ride in a vehicle.


Do routine tasks, such as house cleaning or gardening.

Take a shower or bath.

Take a nap.

Go for a walk. Doodle.

Remember, people shouldn’t dismiss any ideas that pop up while doing a mundane task. Knock that nay-sayer right off your shoulder. Don’t let go of any idea that you get, even if it sounds silly at first.

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4 thoughts on “Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

  1. Good advice! I have had some of my best inspiration moments doing things like laundry or driving to work… where a brand new tune starts humming through my mind based on the sounds of life around me and then suddenly lyrics begin to form and a new song is born. Not that I am any great composer, but writing a new song is fun and amazing when it comes upon me spontaneously

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