Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy

Christmas comes and goes at the same lightening speed as the bank balance. We put on a few pounds as the wallet is shedding its. Then comes the January sales, hooray!!! That’s if I had any money to spend on them. Never mind, I’ll just look and drool… and think of what I might have been saying to myself, as I do every year, “next year will be different.” I’ll plan ahead.

Am I alone? I think not!

Organization is key! Time to think and plan the year ahead. Try to get a little steady extra income and put it away. Not easy when you have a husband/wife, four kids, a horse and a dog to look after.

But as the saying goes, “mustn’t grumble, just have to grin and bare it.”

Whoo hoo!!! Here comes the new year! I’ll have small libation and forget some of the worries, especially around tax refund time, LOL.

Life is as good as you make it…

Merry Christmas!!!

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