7 Fun and Feisty Resolutions You’re Guaranteed To Achieve In The New Year!

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7 Fun and Feisty Resolutions You’re Guaranteed To Achieve In The New Year!

7 Fun and Feisty Resolutions You’re Guaranteed To Achieve In The New Year!

January 1st rolls around and there are resolutions up the wazoo – which no one seems to keep.

Society instantly asks to you recognize some glaring personality flaw – on the spot. Without any planning, preparation or foresight you go for it! You pick something monumental to fix. You never start small or say, “I promise to water and care for the house plants!” Instead you pick something that’s been plaguing you for months or even years. The infamous, “I promise to quit smoking” or “…lose twenty-five pounds.”

Failing miserably, you’ve fallen off the wagon by January 21st. Statistically speaking, less than 10% of men or women who commit to lose weight, stop smoking, stick to a budget, get a new job, or be a better person will actually accomplish what they said they would on January 1st.

So, why fight it?

Perhaps you should give chocolate, “2022 Honorary Food Group Status” where you can indulge in delicious, delightful, smooth, and creamy morsels that keep your head, heart, and tummy pleased. The reality is most women are cutting out an entire “chocolate food group” that has four times the antioxidants of green tea and it releases endorphins, which makes you feel happier.

Here are 7 totally awesome ideas to women who want to succeed and feel like a million bucks all year long (despite what 90% of the population does – or more accurately has failed to do by now) Now you can finally stop berating yourself for what you promised to do… should’ve… could’ve… or or haven’t done.

The Top 7 Fool-Proof Resolutions:

1. Rekindle your inner imp. Who says the “better” you is your stuffy self all prim and proper? When you let out the silly, sassy, playfully mischievous, and audacious girl you truly show your true colors. You can accomplish anything.

2. Be non committal. Play with marvelous ideas for a bit. Half of the stuff we say we will do, we never actually plan on really doing it. All these promises we feel we should, must, or are obligated to do got completely trashed within the first week. Try stuff on for size before commit. You can do anything set your mind to… once you really want to. Play until you feel the time is right. Get FREE tips that prove You Don’t Have To Do Anything at http://thecoffeebreakblog.lol.

3. Live in a land of conundrums. Slow down and pick up the pace. Try yoga and drink triple lattes. Let your childlike wisdom shine. Try “modern urban rustic” décor. Be a modern minimalist multitasker. Drink nonalcoholic beer. Experiment with the extremes and see what marvelous moments you come up with.

4. Be unrealistic. Think bigger about the world than you ever have before. Go outside your comfort zone. Dream beyond your expectations. You have miraculous abilities to accomplish all you desire so passionately dream… dream… dream – in vivid technicolor – until you have considered every imaginable possibility that thrills you.

5. Steal resources. Why recreate the wheel? Just find all the people around you who have achieved the same or similar goals. Find out what worked for them – and what didn’t. Try their solutions on for size. Add plenty of personal modifications so the color, style, and habits fit you like a glove.

6. Throw your arms up. Give in and give up. It’s the stress and strain that’s got your panties in a bunch. Without it you can do some pretty fierce stuff. You always got great results in the past when you were free flowing, energized and in the moment. Let go and see what happens.

7. Be selfish. Give yourself unadulterated permission to think about you and only you! Be incredibly opinionated and resolute about what feels wonderful – then go for what you want. Allow yourself to connect with your true desires, wants, and needs. Toss out societal expectations and indulge in what makes you smile!

And if you want to start with a clean slate – don’t worry. There’s still time to come up with the perfect “anti-resolution” for the Chinese New Year on February 1st!

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Happy New Year!!!

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