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How Poor Are You!

How Poor Are You!

Do you want to know your poverty graph? You are poor if you:

– do not have a firm commitment with yourself to succeed

– do no set goals and follow them through

– do not put your best efforts at work

– do not keep yourself updated on new information and technologies

– do not adopt a positive attitude and get rid of negative thinking

– are not strong enough to accept the challenges of day-to-day life

– are not ready to take any risk due to fear of failure

– lack self respect and respect for others

– discriminate people on the basis of religion, belief, cast, creed, nationality, etc.

– do not appreciate the good work done by others

– do not apologize to others for your misdeeds

– do not help the people in need

– do not thank God for all that you have

The list goes on and on. Let me leave it unfinished and ask you a simple question. Do you really want to get rid of your poverty? The answer, you know the better!

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