How Five Scientific Laws, 15 Minutes & 17 Days Changed My Life

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How Five Scientific Laws, 15 Minutes & 17 Days Changed My Life

How Five Scientific Laws, 15 Minutes & 17 Days Changed My Life

Imagine owning your life and everything in it. What if I told you, you could learn to accomplish anything you’ve ever wanted in only 17 days – would you be interested? Would you believe me if I said you could live the life of your dreams with a special 15 minute-per-day scientific “target praxis?”

When I first heard this concept, I didn’t even know what a “target praxis” was. Needless to say, I was more than a bit skeptical. But I know what I want. I have very specific goals and anything that might be able to help me reach them deserves my attention.

Think about it. Do you know what you want? Most people don’t. So, if you have some idea of what you want – you’re already far ahead of most people. I’m sure you already know, every action you take, either brings you closer to what you want, or pushes you further away from it.

I would certainly hope if *you* discovered the “Scientific Formula for Success,” I would be the FIRST person you ran to with the news. There are certain Scientific Laws, and Sources of Power that govern the “real world.”

Magical solutions and wishful thinking don’t seem to accomplish much.

I recently found some research based on hundreds of years of study into psychology, personal achievement, and human behavior – science which encourages you to see results for yourself, before making any judgments. No more vague theories.

Actual observable laws – I was excited. Can you guess what the first words out of my mouth were? That’s right. “You’ve got my attention, now prove it.” Here’s what I discovered…

There are five laws to this new science of “Simple-ology.”

Workbooks, exercises, checklists and daily target praxes really connect you to your unique personal desires. It helps you to realize if you really are committed to achieving what you want, or are content to just dream about it. It makes you think.

This opened my eyes.

What is Simple-ology?

It’s a new science designed to improve your mind and increase your ability to retain information. That may sound like a ton of reading, but I found the multi-media video training keeps it fun, easy to understand and entertaining.

On my first visit to the site, I thought I’d found a loophole. A back-door into someone’s course materials, or paid membership. The entire course material is accessible online – right from the website. All the videos, workbooks, exercises — even the required “Virtuosity Book” is right there for the taking.

I’m still going through the lessons in 101, and I can already notice a change in the way my days have been going. I no longer dread waking up in the morning. My memory seems to have improved, and my energy levels have been through the roof.

It’s like there’s been a shift in the way I’ve been doing things. My stress level has gone down considerably. My relationships at work and at home seem to be improving. There even seems to be more free time showing up at different intervals during the day.

I will never regret finding this research, and adding it to my schedule. Fifteen minutes a day to stay on the “pathway to power” and get closer to achieving my goals and wants is definitely worth it to me. I’ve just passed my 17th day and am about to plunge into Simple-ology 102: The Simple Science of Money – If it’s anything like Simple-ology 101, I’m about to have another experience I will never forget. Stay tuned!

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